Fontgate 2.0 – Did Imran Khan actually submit a document in Cambria to court?

LAHORE – Months after the Microsoft font Calibri turned to be an unlikely smoking gun in a corruption scandal centering Pakistan’s ruling Sharif family, critics of key opposition leader Imran Khan are using a similar yet ill-conceived scheme – #Cambria – to prove something which is unreal.

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During the Panama Papers probe earlier this year, the Federal Investigation Agency had discovered that the ex-PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz was the sole shareholder of one of two British Virgin Island companies which had invested in high-end London property, described by the agency as “ill-gotten wealth earned through corrupt practices.”

The joint investigation team’s report stated that she had disclosed her ties to the British Virgin Island’s firm in 2006 in a statement written in Calibri font. But Microsoft only made the font publicly available in 2007, leading to speculation that the documents could have

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