PML-N leaders barred from Nawaz hearing, Pak minister threatens to quit

Pakistan’s interior minister Ahsan Iqbal on Monday threatened to resign after he and other leaders of the ruling PML-N party were barred from entering an anti-corruption court trying deposed premier Nawaz Sharif.

“Is this a democracy or banana republic?” he asked the media as he tried to make his way through the cordon set up by paramilitary Pakistan Rangers personnel around the court compound.

“There can’t be a state within state,” Iqbal said while adding that it is Sharif’s right to go inside the courtroom with his lawyers and aides.

The Rangers said they were under instructions to not allow anyone but former premier Sharif to enter the court. “Instructions from whom?” replied Iqbal, who added that “as interior minister, your force reports to me”.

Later, speaking to reporters outside the court, Iqbal said, “This morning, the chief commissioner (of Islamabad) informed me the Rangers have taken control of the command and

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