The Assad regime is exploiting reconstruction to gain legitimacy

The destruction is profound. Communities have been savaged and brutalised. Civilian and medical infrastructure has been systematically destroyed. It has been bombed out of existence, targeted and blown to pieces. Many millions of civilians have fled their homes; millions have fled Syria itself, seeking sometimes illusory refuge in neighbouring states.

All of this will need to be remedied if Syria is to rebuild and if the country is to thrive.

But with the regime of Bashar al-Assad remaining in power, increasingly with the tacit backing of regional and world powers, the future is looks neither good nor promising.

The Assad regime has destroyed the country. Its military crackdown on a non-violent protest movement at the beginning of the decade was the proximate cause of the violence which has come since. This cannot and must not be forgotten.

Iranian and Russian firms stand to benefit financially for the massive military support their nations have offered

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