Africa takes time out to tackle tax

The third African Tax Administration Forum’s (Ataf) International Conference on Tax in Africa was held in Abuja, Nigeria, last month to discuss ways in which strong domestic tax regimes could be built in Africa.

More than 500 officials from ministries of finance and tax administrations of 25 African countries, members of parliament, civil society, Ecowas, IMF, OECD, academia and individual tax policy experts met from September 26-28.

A special focus was placed on the role of personal income tax (PIT), corporate income tax (CIT) and value added tax (VAT) in domestic resource mobilisation. The event was hosted by the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Vice-President of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo opened the conference and welcomed this vital African tax initiative to address the challenges faced in Africa to improve domestic resource mobilisation. 

The vice-president challenged the participants to find a way of “fixing this car while the engine is still

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