Jourova: EU rules on company seat transfers means savings for business

This article is part of our special report EU law goes digital.

European firms could save millions in start-up and merger costs if they could use EU rules on cross-border transfer of registered office, says Věra Jourová, adding the saved money would be better invested in jobs, innovation and growth.

Věra Jourová is EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality. She answered in writing to questions from EURACTIV. 

There is currently no European framework on how to deal with the cross-border transfer of company seats. So what will be the main objectives of this proposal, the key principles behind it?

The main objective of our company law package is to improve the Internal Market and make it fairer and more predictable – to stimulate sustainable jobs, growth and investments, with a positive impact on SMEs in particular.

There are 24 million companies in the EU, and 99% are small and medium sized enterprises. We

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