Ageing German ‘super-spy’ convicted of tax evasion – Business Insider

BOCHUM, Germany (Reuters) – A 77-year-old spy, known as Germany’s
James Bond for his secret missions during and after the Cold War,
was convicted of tax evasion on Thursday and handed a suspended
two-year sentence.

Werner Mauss, whose career spanned 40 years, says on his website
that he was involved in smashing more than 100 criminal gangs and
in the arrests of around 2,000 individuals.

In a trial that has been going on for about a year, Mauss – who
wore a hooded jacket in court – was accused of concealing
millions of euros from German tax authorities in offshore
accounts between 2002 and 2011.

“Ultimately, the extent of the damage is only one aspect to
consider (in determining the sentence),” said Volker Talarowski,

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