Europe’s left-wing could find spark in Iceland – The Spokesman

Europe’s left wing parties have been suffering ignoble defeats but could soon find a spark in Iceland, a tiny outpost of 340,000 people in the north Atlantic.

A collection of socialists, environmentalists and the Pirate Party are now in ascendance and looking to unseat the conservative Independence Party in a snap election on Oct. 28. Polls put the Left-Green Movement ahead of the Independents and nearly one in two Icelanders would like its down-to-earth leader, Katrin Jakobsdottir, to be the next prime minister.

The Independence Party may find it hard to cling to power again after surviving yogurt-hurling outrage over the Panama Papers leaks in 2016. Forced out after the financial collapse in 2007, the party called a snap election under the weight of yet another scandal (outgoing Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson resigned after his father vouched for the character of a convicted pedophile).

Jakobsdottir, a former education minister, is preparing for a

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