Today’s front pages

Good morning. These are the leading stories in today’s local newspapers.

The Sunday Times of Malta reports that increased police patrols in Marsa have been so successful at catching Maltese criminals that they will be repeated in other “problem localities.”

In another leading story, the paper reports that David Casa and Pierre Portelli are both keen on being made Nationalist Party secretary-general.

The Malta Independent on Sunday writes that Paul Bailey, the Porsche driver involved in the Paqpaqli crash, has filed a judicial letter against President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca over health and safety failures at the event.

Malta Today reports the results of a survey, which found that Adrian Delia only had a 54% trust rating among Nationalist Party voters, when compared to the 92% score Joseph Muscat registers among Labour Party voters.

It-Torca leads with a curtain-raiser of Budget 2018, with the paper outlining the country’s positive economic moment using the headline “we shall

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