Panama Papers investigation leads to arrest of top Colombian executives

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Panama PapersTop executives among first arrests in Colombian Panama Papers investigation – Fiscalia says more to come.

Andrés Jiménez, Colombia’s chief financial ​prosecutor, announced that at least 19 prominent Colombian business people have now been arrested or indicted for their potential involvement in the money-laundering scandal which rocked the world back in 2015.

Four of them have been charged with crimes which include fraud, money laundering and falsifying documents: Juan Esteban Arellano Rumazo, Mossack Fonseca’s legal representative in Colombia; Luz Mary Guerrero Hernández, shareholder and legal representative of Efecty, part of the Servientrega group; Sara Guavita Moreno, the deputy legal representative of Servientrega; and Jorge Humberto Sánchez Amado, also of Servientrega.

The Fiscalía investigation revealed that

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