PM Modi’s war on corruption – Merinews

A bill, labelled as “gag order” by the opposition and the media,
was introduced in Rajasthan Assembly on October 23 to convert it into
a law. This provoked widespread protests from the opposition,
intellectuals and the media. The bill has strong support from the
Central Minister of State for Law and many BJP leaders. Modiji has
been silent on the issue. The protests forced the CM to refer the
bill to a select panel for re-examination. But the ordinance remains
in place and so does the protection provided to the corrupt. As per
RTI response, the ACB in Rajasthan has received over 15,000
complaints. Prosecution has been allowed for only in 51 cases.
Sanction is denied or delayed even when an official is caught red
handed while taking a bribe.

What is corruption?

The Oxford Dictionary defines corruption as dishonest action in
return for money or

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