Panama papers: Lawyers’ ethical dilemma

Tayo Oke

[email protected]

 Everyone who has ever set foot on Nigerian Law School premises remembers one thing from their first day to the last. It is that irrespective of how well one does in all the written and oral exams, there is one test that hangs on the head of every student like a sword of Damocles: the “fit and proper” test. It is one you cannot prepare for in advance, neither is it one you can revise for. Past questions and answers? No use. How about reading and jamming it all in, then, regurgitating later as you do with the other modules? No snowball chance in hell!

“Fit and proper” is a value judgement entirely in the gift of the Director General of the law school. He, and only he, has to vouch for every single person called to the bar (in their thousands every year), that he is of good enough

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