Justice Minister Explains In Detail Why Calls For Attorney General’s Resignation Are ‘Incredibly Unfair’

Justice minister Owen Bonnici gave a detailed speech in Parliament last night, in which he defended the Attorney General against calls for his resignation which have intensified since the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

Rebutting criticism that Attorney General Peter Grech had abandoned his responsibilities when he failed to investigate the Panama Papers, Bonnici said the law doesn’t empower the AG to investigate, but merely to prosecute people in court following police investigations. 

“The only slight investigative power the Attorney General has is to request the court to issue an investigation order – which in real terms, means he can ask the court to compile a list of the assets of a person suspected of money laundering,” Bonnici said. 

“If the AG had to investigate, then he would be warned that he had no right to do so. It makes me sick to the stomach hearing such unjust criticism against Peter Grech…I

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