Hackers’ attack on tax havens used by super rich spreads with offices on Isle of Man targeted

Ronen Palan, professor of international political economy at City University, said: “I haven’t seen the information that has come out, but these are the jurisdictions that say that they are entirely transparent and they have cleaned up their act, and  they have been widely believed. 

“We all knew that Panama was one of the dirty ones, so it was not a surprise, and therefore very few Americans of British people got caught up in it – people knew Panama was dirty and dangerous.

“So although Panama made huge headlines it was a third world issue, less people from the UK and the US as they are more sophisticated investors.

“Now in this latest hack we understand that we are going to get information about trusts and the ‘clean’ tax havens we may discover that they are not so clean.

“It will raise questions for the Government, because some of these are not

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