Imran slams parliament for ‘protecting’ Nawaz, continues tirade against PML-N

KOT ADDU: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan continued his tirade against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, and claimed that the parliament ‘protected’ Nawaz Sharif.  

Addressing a rally in Kot Addu on Friday, Imran said that he went to all the institutions to seek action against Nawaz’s corruption. 

“We asked answers but no one did anything to help us. Rather they protected Nawaz and his family,” he remarked. 

He claimed that the parliament protected the corrupt mafia. “We went to the Supreme Court after all institutions refused to help us.” 

Corrupt rulers hamper a country’s progress, added Imran. 

‘Iqama Khawaja Asif’ had advised the Sharif family that people will forget about Panama case in a few days. 

“I want to ask Asif if his money was stolen from him would he forget about it? You looted the money of the people of the nation.”

These people have been looting the country and yet their greediness has no bounds,

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