Differences Between Venezuela Fighting Corruption and the US

The modern state and capitalism are both essentially corrupt and ever since they have co-existed in Latin America, corruption has too.

Venezuela Ratifies Plan to Refinance and Restructure Debt

From the time when Francisco Santander embezzled Colombia’s resources to deny money for Simon Bolivar’s troops, corruption has had the double objective of personal enrichment and political use.

The novelty of the 20th Century was the use, managed from the United States, of a phony, highly selective “fight against corruption” to overthrow governments resisting U.S. hegemonic interests around the world, but especially in what the U.S. considers its “backyard.”

That is the objective of the biased, discriminatory and very selective use of the fight against corruption. For example, Operation Lava Jato in Brazil achieved one of its objectives by removing Dilma Rousseff from the presidency without it ever being proven that she was involved in any of the acts of corruption or administrative

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