Pakistanis named in Panama papers: JI chief seeks early hearing of …

ISLAMABAD –  Jamaat-e-Islami chief Siraj-ul-Haq on Friday filed an application in the Supreme Court seeking early hearing of his petition he had filed against all those Pakistanis whose names appeared in Panama Papers.

The JI chief said the petition was filed for the larger interest to bring back the (looted) money. The delay in placing the petition for hearing would facilitate owners of the offshore companies to further camouflage their income sources and money. The JI chief has requested the court to fix the petition for hearing preferably on November 8.

In April, Panama Leaks scandal shook the world. Its leaked reports contained names of 400 Pakistanis including businessmen and politicians particularly family members of former premier Nawaz Sharif, having offshore companies.

Haq on August 24 filed the petition in the Supreme Court requesting the apex court to initiate an inquiry into the Panama Leaks

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