Panama Papers leaked; investigation reveals trail of money in global tax havens

Moneycontrol News

The Indian Express today came out with the first in a series of investigative reports titled what is being called as the ‘Paradise Papers’, based on a leak of millions of documents that reveal a global network used to funnel money abroad into secret tax havens.

The Express carried out the investigation in collaboration with International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which has partnered with 96 global news organisations.

Starting today, the newspaper will reveal a list of Indian companies and individuals — 714 in all — who have stashed money in tax havens through offshore entities.

The names of the companies or individuals are not known at the time of this filing.

Centrepiece in the investigation appears to be a 119-year-old company called Appleby, which the report says has lawyers, accountants and bankers who help individuals avoid or evade taxes, ship money to tax havens, manage real estate assets, even “purchase

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