A (short) history of impunity

The majority of the Maltese people have chosen to remain silent. Silent in the face of this horrible chapter in our lives as journalists – an episode that we would have never wished to have faced.

The wish of the Caruana Galizia family for the President of the Republic not to attend for the funeral of their slain relative, however rankled. Evidently, calls for unity are for the time being unrealistic. No one really expected otherwise.  

If anyone should have been hurt it had to be the President, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, who was personally ridiculed and terrorised by the late Caruana Galizia about her having been a single mother, or on how fat she might have looked. Coleiro Preca rose above all that and showed compassion and tolerance, the kind that is difficult for someone who was ridiculed so intensely. 

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