Corbyn suggests the Queen should APOLOGISE for offshore investments as he demands a public inquiry into leaked …

Jeremy Corbyn today suggested the Queen should apologise for her offshore investments as he demanded a public inquiry into the ‘Paradise Papers’.

The Labour leader said anyone who moves money offshore to avoid tax should say sorry and consider how their impacts on wider society. 

The Queen’s income comes from a private estate called the Duchy of Lancaster, a trust fund managing assets worth £519million.

According to a massive leak of tax haven records, the Duchy has used offshore private equity funds designed to shield UK investors from having to pay US tax on their holdings.

Mr Corbyn has called for a public inquiry into tax avoidance and said everybody should be scrutinised, including the Queen.  

Jeremy Corbyn (picured today at the CBI) demanded ‘real change’ to stop British businesses avoiding tax by keeping cash off

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