Paradise Papers: Tax haven secrets of super-rich including the Queen exposed

Millions of pounds of the Queen’s private money is invested in offshore funds in Caribbean tax havens, a huge leak of financial documents referred to as the “Paradise Papers” has revealed.

The documents show that the Duchy of Lancaster, which manages investments for the Queen’s £520m private estate, invested around £10m in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda-based funds.

They also show that the monarch holds small investments, via funds, in businesses including off license chain Threshers and BrightHouse, which has been accused of exploiting people with mental health problems and learning disabilities in order to sell its products.

The funds have not previously been disclosed in official Palace accounts. There is no suggestion that they are illegal.

The revelation is likely to increase pressure on the Royal Family to increase transparency over where and how they invest their wealth. 

A spokesman for the Duchy of Lancaster said: “We operate a number of investments and a

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