Venezuela’s Anti-Corruption Crusade : Key Themes and Policy Considerations

Since the middle of August this year, the Attorney General designated by the National Constituent Assembly, Tarek William Saab, has led what can now be seen clearly as an anti-corruption crusade.

A review of his work so far makes it possible to identify the criminal activities facing Venezuela and the policy proposals guiding the investigating authority which have disconcerted the political opposition who had exploited corruption accusations politically.

Principal criminal activities

Exchange rate fraud by importers using foreign currency assigned by the Commission for Foreign Currency Administration (Cadivi) and the National Center for Foreign Trade (Cencoex).

Embezzlement of the PDVSA state oil company via overpricing of contracts in foreign currencies involving joint venture companies in the Orinoco Oil Belt.

Sabotage of oil production by Orinoco Oil Belt companies and the Petrozamora company so as to generate emergency contracts and favor particular suppliers.

Extortion rings within the Public Prosecution Service and other institutions of the legal system,

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