Britain criticised by MEPs for failing to take action on tax havens …

Parliamentarians from across Europe have criticised the British government for failing to take action against the offshore tax industry in the wake of disclosures from the Paradise Papers leak.

In an open letter more than 30 MEPs said they hoped the latest revelations would prove a tipping point that would force governments into action.

Their intervention came as the former prime minister Gordon Brown threw his weight behind calls for the G20 group of countries to crack down on the jurisdictions that allow tax to be avoided.

“First of all they have got to outlaw these tax havens, they have got to threaten to sanction them, they have got to punish them with, potentially, arrest warrants in some cases where people are breaking the law,” said Brown.

Meanwhile, students held a “Paradise Papers” demonstration on Friday outside the Oxford University Endowment Management headquarters.

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