The Paradise and Panama Papers: A look into how Süddeutsche Zeitung kept the leaks a secret

“Nobody was allowed to talk about anything that we were dealing with – not with their partners, children or colleagues back in their newsrooms,” said Wolfgang Krach, editor in chief, Süddeutsche Zeitung, speaking at the International Newsroom Summit in London yesterday (9 November).

The leading German newspaper broke the Paradise Papers to the public on 5 November, a leak of 13.4 million files relating to offshore investment and tax evasion of multinational corporations, companies and individuals all around the world.

“When we dived into the data, we decided to find co-operation partners, because it was very obvious that we wouldn’t be able to do all of this investigation by ourselves,” Krach said, noting the collaborative success of the Panama Papers leak, where a large network of international partners worked together to investigate the story.

“Once we had made it searchable, we saw information from more than 100

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