John McDonnell calls on Queen to release financial records amid Paradise Papers leak

The Queen must open up her full financial records to the public in the wake of revelations about her investments in the Paradise Papers scandal, Labour has said.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said information that showed the Queen had invested millions in an offshore tax haven proved “the culture of tax-avoidance” has “permeated everywhere”.

He said the monarch’s advisors had badly embarrassed her, and in particular demanded an apology of the Tory cabinet minister ultimately responsible for overseeing her finances, Sir Patrick McLoughlin.

As the Government closed another round of Brexit talks, Mr McDonnell also called on ministers to release legal papers that are expected to indicate that Brexit can be unilaterally reversed by the UK.

Mr McDonnell’s words came as he prepared to make a speech setting out how the Government may have lost out on £37bn from dividends in privatised companies – which

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