How a German Newspaper Became the Go-To Place for Leaks Like …

Earlier this week, Bastian Obermayer, a reporter for the German
newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, showed me into his “war room,” on the
twenty-fourth floor of the paper’s office tower, in Munich. As I
entered, he instructed me that I was not allowed to take any
photographs. In the center of the room was a cluster of desktop and
laptop computers; beyond them, floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto
the dollhouse city. Whiteboards hanging on the room’s walls were covered
in complicated-looking diagrams. The computers had never been connected
to the Internet, so that they could be used to securely store the 13.4
million files—1.4 terabytes of data—that were leaked last year to
Obermayer and his colleague Frederik Obermaier and that have come to be
known as the Paradise Papers. In coördination with the

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