Paradise Papers: Canadian Superscalper Used StubHub to Grift Music Fans

The so-called Paradise Papers have blown open a global scandal, showing that the world’s wealthiest individuals and corporations have hidden hundreds of billions of dollars in offshore tax havens. But they also drew back the curtain on a smaller outrage, showing how a Canadian ticket scalper is skirting national laws to make millions off of concertgoers.

According to Canada’s CBC, Quebec-based Julien Lavallée runs multiple ticket reselling companies, including one registered in known tax haven the Isle of Man. The companies’ gross sales were $7.9 million in 2014. That makes Lavallée a relatively small part of the global ticket-resale industry, which has been projected to grow to $24.55 billion by 2021. But his practices illuminate a much broader problem.

The CBC’s investigation found sales records indicating that Lavallée’s businesses were able to buy hundreds of tickets for concerts by

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