[WATCH] Adrian Delia: ‘Malta is no Mafia state’ – MaltaToday

Malta is no Mafia state, opposition leader Adrian Delia insisted

Malta is not a Mafia state and everyone should fight that label, because the country – although led by a corrupt government – encompassed everyone, including journalists, the opposition, the general public and everyone’s children, opposition leader Adrian Delia said this morning.

Delia, who was addressing a political activity at the Nationalist Party club in Marsa, said that he did not approve of his country being called a Mafia state.

“The state is all of us – the opposition, the people, the journalists, and our children – all form part of our country,” he said. “We should combat that label, because we are not a mafia state. We just have a corrupt government.”

In reference to the publication this week of the report by the EU’s PANA committee on the Panama Papers scandal, Delia said the

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