MEPs demand stepped up fight against tax evasion by European council, member states

Members of the European Parliament this morning bemoaned the continued practice of tax avoidance and evasion in European member states, despite claims that government’s were working to clamp down on such practices.

Both member states’ finance ministers, as well as the council itself, came under fire on Tuesday for their lackluster performance in fighting tax evasion and avoidance.

The criticism was made during an urgent debate prompted by the latest Paradise Papers leaks. Finance ministers should not hide behind unanimity rules in the battle against tax avoidance, said MEPs, who also censured the Council for “not stepping up to the mark”. Currently, tax decisions taken at EU level must be agreed by all member states, with the several member states, including Malta, strongly opposed to any form of tax harmonization.

MEPs from across the political spectrum lamented the sharp practices used by the

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