Paradise Papers: Independent MP demands investigation

An independent lawmaker in parliament yesterday demanded that the government probes the Bangladeshi businessmen whose names came up in the Paradise Papers.

Taking the floor on a point of order and referring to media reports, Rustam Ali Farazi MP said some 21 businessmen and organisations unlawfully invested in offshore companies.

He asked the government to make the names of the organisations and businesspeople public, release related documents, and give detailed information on them.

Farazi said, “The government should make public the names for the interest of the nation.”

The lawmaker also recalled that he spoke in parliament after the Panama Papers revelations.

“At that time, the government had assured that it would make public the investigation report on Panama Papers but the report is yet to be published,” he added.

“We are yet to know anything about the report [Panama Papers probe]. The report should be made public immediately,” he said.

The Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday said it

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