Scotland’s £27bn laundry: Organised crime gangs in former Soviet Union use Scots firms to rinse dirty fortunes

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BUSINESSES in Scotland have been used to launder up to £27 billion in dirty money belonging to organised crime gangs in the former Soviet Union.

We can reveal 4500 financial transactions have been questioned as Scots-registered firms are linked to massive fraud and tax evasion in Russia and Azerbaijan, according to new research.

International fraud experts yesterday claimed the revelations would only encourage serious and organised criminals to see Scotland as a soft touch to clean their dirty fortunes.

Martin Kenney, an international business fraud and asset recovery lawyer, said: “If money launderers ran a Trip Advisor-style web-site, Scotland would be getting great reviews just now.

“I’ve seen various scams over the years involving various countries. One year you see a lot of fraud involving one country then the next it’s another.

“Just now Scotland features very highly.”

The raw data detailing

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