Let’s deprive the tax-dodging super rich of their power

Photo: Meghan Shea.

It’s no secret the UK is a deeply unequal society. The richest 1% own as much as the combined wealth of the bottom 55%. This year we learned that the UK is home to more billionaires than ever before and has record numbers of working people living in poverty.

It’s not a coincidence that things have been getting better for the super rich while getting worse for the rest of us. Since the 1980s, government policy has taken a decisive shift in the interests of the super rich. Under Margaret Thatcher’s premiership, their taxes were cut, they were sold industries at knock-off prices, and house ownership was redistributed in their favour: the power of their workforce was severely diminished.

It’s against the background of a deeply unequal society that we learn of the Paradise Papers, in which our own university

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