EU states resist move on digital tax for tech giants – draft documents

Some European Union members are resisting EU plans to raise the tax bill of tech multinationals, EU draft documents show, in moves that are likely to cause a public outcry after several disclosures of corporate tax avoidance schemes.

EU finance ministers are expected to seal a preliminary deal on EU digital taxes when they meet on December 6th, after pressure from large states that accuse firms such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook of slashing their tax bills by rerouting their EU profits to countries such as Ireland and Luxembourg.

France has openly called for an “equalisation tax” on the turnover of digital companies, aimed at levelling up the amount of tax they pay on their earnings compared with other types of companies. This would work to the detriment of the Irish exchequer.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, and the Estonian presidency of the EU have also

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