Being named in Paradise Papers related to time spent in Bermuda, Houston says

Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful Tim Houston is among thousands of prominent Canadians named in the so-called Paradise Papers, but he says it has nothing to do with personal taxes.

The provincial NDP party sent out a press release late Thursday revealing that Houston, who is also the MLA for Pictou East, is named among the 13 million confidential documents regarding 19 offshore tax havens leaked to media earlier this month, shedding light on the tax avoidance activities practised by some of the world’s most wealthy individuals.

Being listed in the Paradise Papers database does not always mean a person is utilizing tax havens. Moreover, while controversial, the use of tax havens is not illegal.

“The Paradise Papers database contains the names of many, many people who think it is acceptable (that) wealthy people should find ways of not having to pay taxes and have that civic responsibility covered by people of

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