Offshore scandals: Nigeria is paying lip service to tackling dirty money

First, it was the Panama Papers; now the Paradise Papers. Both were scandals involving prominent people around the world who hide their wealth in tax havens. In both cases, investigative journalists leaked huge data that disclosed the names of those engaged in this activity. Unsurprisingly, both leaks included the names of prominent Nigerians. However, while the scandals triggered widespread outrage worldwide, with more than 70 governments launching probes, in Nigeria, official and public reactions were muted, even nonchalant. Nigeria, it would seem, is remarkably blasé about the dangers of dirty money.

I mean, consider the reactions in other countries. In Iceland, public unrest triggered the resignation of its prime minister over his undisclosed holdings. In Britain, 66 criminal investigations were launched, and the then prime minister, David Cameron, although did nothing wrong, was forced by a hostile public to publish his tax returns for the previous

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