‘Even Malta should be included in EU tax haven blacklist’ says Oxfam

The global NGO Oxfam said EU member states like Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, and the Netherlands should be on the EU’s upcoming tax haven blacklist.

The four member states will be excluded because the list covers only non-EU jurisdictions.

The list will be announced next week by EU finance ministers, to be accompanied by potential sanctions.

In its report ‘Blacklist or Whitewash?’, Oxfam said the exclusions cast doubt on the credibility of the EU list. “EU governments have a choice between ending the harmful impact of tax havens on both the EU and developing countries – or whitewashing tax havens,” Oxfam’s Aurore Chardonnet said.

Oxfam’s detailed assessment claims that at least 35 countries should be expected to feature on the EU blacklist, namely Albania, Faroe Islands, Niue, Anguilla, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Oman, Antigua and Barbuda, Gibraltar, Palau, Aruba, Greenland, Serbia,

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