Panama, revisited


We can blame political ‘filibustering’ on the bi-partisan consensus out there: always capitalise on the failings of your enemy, even if it means short-changing your country in the process

Cartoon by Mikiel Galea

For those who dislike conspiratorial theories on the malaise affecting Muscat’s administration – despite it being buoyed by economic success and far-reaching reform – there is one major root of grave concern that is universally acknowledged.

And that is the lack of a criminal investigation into the Panama Papers.

This, in itself, is at the heart of the consternation at the Labour administration that we have seen spilling out on the streets. People’s anger is justified, no matter how much others would like to see it discredited because it originates from Nationalist-friendly quarters and apologists.

In 2016, like all other tax scandals before it, Panama Papers was a matter

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