The addictive game that shows how easy it is for kleptocrats to hide their money

I’m a dictator, and things are pretty good. I’ve just rigged re-election for my second term, got the press more or less under my thumb, and I have a load of fancy cars, boats, and houses scattered around the world to escape to if things go south. There’s just one problem—I can’t get this goddam money-laundering investigator off my back.

Right now, he’s homing in on the cash I picked up from fabricating a state emergency and handing the security contract to a mate. (Don’t raise your eyebrows like that, reader—I’m hardly the first leader to use a national calamity for personal ends.)

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Such are the dilemmas faced by players of Kleptocrat, a phone game designed by the Mintz Group investigations firm, which traces hidden assets around the world. The game’s aim is

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