Paradise Papers prompt criminal complaint against Glencore

A watchdog group has filed a criminal complaint against the Anglo-Swiss commodities giant Glencore following revelations from the Paradise Papers.

Human rights campaigners in Switzerland have formally asked the country’s attorney general to investigate how the multinational obtained a copper mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Under Swiss law, the office of the attorney general will be required to assess and formally respond to the criminal complaint lodged by Public Eye.

“With the Paradise Papers, there are now even more elements pointing at embezzlement surrounding the acquisition of mines for the legal authorities to launch an investigation,” the watchdog group said in a statement.

“It’s overdue for [Swiss authorities] to rule on the legality of operations, whose dubious nature has been brought to the fore by the press and NGOs for more than five years.”

The Paradise Papers, files leaked from the offshore law firm

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