Law firm to sue over Panama Papers investigation

Friday, 22 December 2017

By Adrian Darbyshire
in Business

Global law firm Appleby has announced it is taking legal action over the Paradise Papers investigation.

Appleby, which has 10 offices around the world including Athol Street, Douglas, has confirmed it intends to sue The Guardian and the BBC over the use of documents it says were stolen in a cyber attack.

In a statement, Appleby said: ’Our overwhelming responsibility is to our clients and our own colleagues who have had their private and confidential information taken in what was a criminal act.

’We need to know firstly which of their – and our – documents were taken.

’We would want to explain in detail to our clients and our colleagues the extent to which their confidentiality has been attacked.

’Despite repeated requests the journalists have failed to provide to us copies of the stolen

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