Paradise Papers firm criticised by court after hiding money from a …

An offshore firm connected to the Paradise Papers has been ordered to pay almost €53m after a court ruled it had “manufactured” correspondence in a deliberate attempt to help a mother hide money from her estranged daughter.

Appleby Mauritius, an offshore services firm owned by the law firm Appleby until 2016, helped the Italian actor Edoarda Crociani attempt to keep substantial sums of money out of the reach of her daughter Cristiana Crociani.

Appleby Mauritius was named as a defendant in the action and was the subject of substantial criticism in the judgment. However because Appleby’s offshore services business separated from its legal division into a new company called Estera following a management buyout, it is Estera that has had to pay rather than Appleby. Appleby Mauritius has since been renamed Estera Trust (Mauritius) Limited.

Earlier this year, the royal court in Jersey criticised the “brazen” behaviour of Appleby Mauritius and

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