Editorial | EU frays partnership with CARICOM

It may be impractical, as Roosevelt Skerrit himself immediately recognised, for the Caribbean Community, as the Dominican prime minister proposed, to create its own blacklist of European Union (EU) countries deemed to have committed grievous infractions against the welfare of CARICOM states. For, even if the list was legitimate, the small, developing and mostly island states of the Caribbean lack the global muscle that would be required to enforce the sanctions, frightening other countries into respecting their intent.

But what the Caribbean lacks in political and economic might, it compensates for with the intellect CARICOM has to deploy against the EU if the community is convinced that its members have been unfairly placed on the black and watch lists of tax havens. In this regard, CARICOM has to make its case not only to the EU but the entire world, seeking to win the argument by force of logic.

Tax avoidance and evasion has become an

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