Democratic Party offers to join Malta anti-corruption commission

A placard at an anti-corruption protest called by the Nationalist Party soon after the revelations of the Panama Papers in March 2016. The placard reads: 'Who does not fight corruption, is corrupt'. Photo: Ray Attard

The Democratic Party has offered to nominate someone to the Permanent Commission against Corruption so that it could conduct investigations after a seven month hiatus.

The party was reacting to news that the Permanent Commission against Corruption has failed to function since its composition is still waiting for the Opposition’s nominee.

“The Democratic Party is again offering its service to Malta, as the third party in Parliament, by offering to join this commission and thereby allowing it to function,” the party said in a statement.

The anti-corruption commission is still awaiting a nominee from the Opposition, over two-and-a-half months after being contacted by the Prime Minister about

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