Looking back at 2017 | Egrant: how Caruana Galizia pushed Muscat into an early election

It was the most sensational news to hit Maltese headlines: the story of the year, a white-hot mystery that would push Malta’s Prime Minister to call early elections, and an unresolved matter that remains under the inquiry of a magistrate.

Did Joseph Muscat and his wife own a secret offshore company in Panama and receive money transfers from a Pilatus beneficiary, possibly no less than the daughter of Azerbaijani ruler Ilham Aliyev?

Sensational, because it hit all the buttons of the narrative of corruption that pervaded the Muscat administration under assault by Simon Busuttil’s opposition. There was Panamagate, the uncomfortable relationship with the suppliers of LNG in Electrogas, and a direct accusation of embezzlement with a private bank favoured by the PM’s chief-of-staff.

In April Malta was caught up in an unfolding drama over the identity of the ultimate beneficial owner of

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