The Paradise Papers – The Avoidance/Evasion Debate – Superyacht News

Another day, another so called scandal for the wealthy elites caught up in the Paradise Papers fracas. Many have been quick to point the finger at the public figures whose names have turned up in the documents and attack them for alleged “tax avoidance”. A lot of electronic ink has been spilled since this story broke, with calls for those named in this latest leak to “apologise” all the way up to far more colourful language. Is that fair? 

Reports suggest that HMRC has as many as 66 criminal investigations are now on foot as a result of last year’s Panama Papers leak, the inference being that there is more to come from this most recent lifting of the lid on the tax affairs of what Bernie Sanders described as a “global oligarchy”.

Speaking as a lawyer who has not seen one shred of the swathes of Paradise Papers material (something I

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