Data leak scandals: a romantic digitised revolution

arton32566It’s a story of ‘Fall of Man’ and the prevailing of romanticism.

When English poet John Milton wrote his epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’ in the 17th-century, he had never imagined how his thought of ‘justifying the ways of God to men’ would be degrading down from generation to generation in such a sad way.

But, it really did, indeed. The recent leak of ‘Paradise Papers’ actually gives enough strength and succour to his favourite idea of ‘fall of man’; and the ‘ways of God’ has been rebutted when journalist and blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed recently in a car bomb near her home in Malta. This courageous lady was described as a ‘one-woman WikiLeaks’ by the Politico website. She led the ‘Panama Papers’ investigation into corruption in Malta and she had to be stopped; because her

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