US Professor Teases Story Linking Trumps And Russian Mafia To Caruana Galizia Assassination

American communications professor Seth Abramson has become virally popular for his Twitter threads detailing Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russian government, and an upcoming post of his could leave a significant ripple effect on Malta. 

This is because Abramson claims to have information linking the Trump-Russia collusion scandal with the Panama Papers and the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

“I’m delaying a thread about Ivanka [Trump], the Russian mafia, Daphne Galizia, the Panama Papers, Alexandre Nogueira, and the ICIJ until I have more time,” he wrote in a cryptic tweet on Christmas Day. “Until then, a summary: Ivanka was working with Russian mafia; Galizia helped uncover it; Galizia was assassinated.” 

Caruana Galizia’s eldest son Matthew, an ICIJ journalist who won a Pulitzer for his work on the Panama Papers, responded that the only Russians his mother had investigated were the ones who had paid bribes to the Prime Minister’s chief of staff

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