Is BBC1’s McMafia based on a true story?

New James Norton drama McMafia approaches the world of international organised crime with remarkable verisimilitude, and a great deal of that is thanks to the research of journalist Misha Glenny, who wrote his original book McMafia: Seriously Organised Crime in 2008 before the material was adapted for TV by screenwriters Hoss Amini and James Watkins.

“The biggest challenge is the book is a factual book,” Amini explained on set. “So there’s no storyline.”

This means that the plot of McMafia – banker Alex Godman (Norton) gets swept into the world of organised crime while trying to protect his family – is fictional. However, the real world workings of this modern criminal empire is all taken from Glenny’s non-fiction book.

“Alex doesn’t exist in the book. Literally none of

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