Human Rights Group Files Suit To Release Investigation Report On Panama Papers

HEDA Resources Center, a non-governmental organization concerned with human rights and good governance related issues, has filed a suit to compel the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), to release its investigation report on those indicted in the Panama Papers scandal.

In 2016, investigations into the Panama Papers by International Consortium of Journalists revealed that the current Senate President, Mr. Bukola Saraaki, former Senate President, Mr. David Mark, and other prominent Nigerians illegally operated secret companies in a tax haven.

The media uproar that followed the scandal forced the presidency to order the investigation of public officials indicted in the papers. 

This was confirmed by the then CCB chairman, Mr. Sam Saba, who said the bureau has received a directive from the presidency to investigate public officials enmeshed in the offshore malpractice.

According to the court paper sighted by our correspondent, HEDA requested

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