Hudaibiya reference served no purpose but to oppress Sharifs, SC issues detailed judgment

ISLAMABAD – The supreme court seems to have sealed the Hudaibiya case reference once and for all, observing that the case was used as a tool for oppression of former ruling family.

In its detailed judgment, that was put forth on Friday, the top court highlighted that the reference had exceeded its expiry date and so the matter died its death while it was languishing through various courts for years.

Though the operative part of the judgment was released last month, directing that the reference could not be re-opened, the detailed judgment specified the reasons for the unexpected move mentioning that neither the Panama Papers case joint investigation team, nor Justice Asif Saeed Khosa had ever issued any explicit directions for the reopening of the said reference.

The SC’s judgement, that would definitely ease the embattled Sharif family states that the dismissal of the case was a well-founded decision as the reference had by then

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