If Convicted in Panama Papers, Nawaz Sharif May Flee to Saudi Arabia: Report

Karachi, January 10: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who is facing trial in the Panama Papers scandal is planning to flee to Saudi Arabia if he is convicted by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), CNN-IBN reported o Wednesday.

In December, Sharif met the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman, who had also sent a plane to fetch the PML-N chief.

During the meeting, the two leaders were reported to have discussed a national reconciliation ordinance to help Sharif and his family leave Pakistan in case the NAB gives a verdict against the former Pakistan PM.

Last year in November, the NAB court indicted Nawaz in three separate graft cases stemming from the Panama Papers leaks, after rejected his plea for clubbing together those cases.

Along with Nawaz, his daughter Maryan and son-in-law Muhammad Safdar was also indicted by the NAB.

There are possibilities that Nawaz may face a life

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